Good contact as a basis

Open contact between teacher and parents is not only pleasant, it also makes it easier to inform each other of the developments and well-being of your child. Do you have any questions? Of course, you are always welcome to talk to the teacher after school. But there are also other options:

Introductory meeting and New Year’s reception

Right before the start of the new school year, we organize an introductory meeting for new students and parents. You can visit your child’s classroom, meet the teacher and get familiar with our teaching methods. In August, we organize a New Year’s reception in every class. Your son or daughter can show what he or she plays with or works with in class. You also have the opportunity to meet other parents and children on that occasion.

Parent talks and parent-teacher interviews

In early September, parents are invited to the parent talk. The focus is the discussion between parents and teacher of the child’s social and emotional development, and particularly you as a parent talk about your child. We will also give you information on the class and the content of the subject matter on paper.

You can always make an appointment with your child’s teacher. If the teacher wants to discuss something with you, he or she will invite you to an interview. We invite all parents to a parent-teacher interview in January, in which we inform you of your child’s development in connection with the report card. In November and April, we ask you whether you need a parent-teacher interview in connection with the grades list (years 3 through 8).

Orientation morning

We organize an orientation morning for parents for years 1 and 2.

Tests inspection afternoon

If your child is in year 3 through 8, you will regularly get the opportunity to inspect your child’s test results. You will receive an invitation to this effect by e-mail.

Newsletter and “Klasbord”

We inform parents and students on current affairs through the newsletter and the “Klasbord” app.

Support during activities

Parents are asked to provide support during several activities.

“Schakel” Council

The “Schakel” Council, consisting of parents and teachers, has an important voice in our policy decisions.

More information on the “Schakel” Council (click here)