“De Schakel” applies a result-oriented approach. We do so consciously, because this is how we can monitor and improve the quality of education. The teachers keep all results of years 1 through 8 in a class file. All day long, a teacher gets information on what a student is able to do and what he still has to learn. He or she does so by asking the student to answer a question in class, observing, checking work and administering tests from the teaching methods.

The method tests are meant to determine whether a child has adequate knowledge of the subject matter just discussed. This is how the teacher knows whether he or she can continue with the method, or that repetition is advisable. The “CITO” tests have a different purpose: they are meant to follow the child’s skill level and development and compare them to the level of other children.

By administering method tests and “CITO” tests, the teacher sees which children need additional explanation or an extra challenge. The results of the various types of tests throughout the year properly show a student’s abilities.

The teacher discusses and evaluates the results with the care coordinator. Targets are set that the teachers want to achieve with the class, but also with the individual students. They properly think through how they want to achieve those targets. The teachers are consequently aware of their own actions.

We invest in curricular strands between Preschool “Prikichi”, Elementary School “De Schakel” and Secondary School “Schakel College”. There is ample coordination among teachers and obviously a good transfer when students move on.

Years 1 and 2 work based on thematic play, as of year 3 the students work with the latest Dutch methods.


The Dutch Inspectorate of Education supervises our school and regularly conducts a quality inspection.

By clicking on this link you can read our latest inspection report.

Schoolplan 2019-2023

Elke vier jaar omschrijven wij in ons schoolplan wat wij met ons onderwijs willen bereiken, op welke manier en met welke middelen wij dat willen gaan doen. We maken vooraf een analyse van wat ons te doen staat en wat er vanuit de maatschappij op ons af komt. Hiermee zorgen we ervoor dat we planmatig en doordacht blijven handelen. Vanuit dit schoolplan en alle gegevens die we betrekken uit onze andere kwaliteitsinstrumenten bepalen we wat er de komende jaren op ons programma zal staan. Dit schoolplan kan worden ingezien bij de directie.